Marketplace AM for October 24, 2005

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If you can make it there

Editors at <em>Inc. Magazine</em> and rate New York the 184th-best place to set up and operate a business. What can be done &#8212; and who's finding a way to make it pay? Bob Moon reports.

Working the subway

New York subway riders are used to seeing kids walk into their car and make a pitch to sell candy. Riders are so familiar with the sales routine that they can pitch the script right back. Amy Scott reports.

Wilma threatens citrus crops

Wilma could hit Florida citrus growers, who are still trying to recover from the affects of last year's hurricane season. Reporter Dan Grech is in Miami.

Oil companies looking good

A slew of oil company earnings is expected this week. Cheryl Glaser reports, profits are up &#8212; way up.

Vietnam eyes China's model

On Monday, Vietnam raise is cap on foreign ownership of domestic companies &#8212; a sign that the nation is eager to follow China's model of economic development. Jocelyn Ford reports.

40-hour work week turns 65

The legally mandated 40-hour workweek celebrates its 65th anniversary today. But as Brian Watt reports, it's a relic of the past for many workers.

X-Box: not quite so live

Today Microsoft has intentionally shut down its wildly popular X-Box Live online video gaming site. Rachel Dornhelm tells us why.

Earnings report card

The earnings season is more than half way through, but already the lessons of the third quarter are clear. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Aflatoxin hits corn crops

A toxic fungal residue has affected 30% of the corn crop in some Midwestern states &#8212; an aftereffect from this summer's drought. Janet Babin reports.

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