Marketplace AM for October 21, 2005

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Pumped up in baseball and track

Business of Sports commentator Diana Nyad talks to host Scott Jagow about the aftermath of the Balco steroids scandal.

Hollywood hearts the new iPod

Variety's Managing Editor Michael Speier discusses Hollywood's interest in the new video iPod with host Lisa Napoli.

Programs face cuts on Capitol Hill

After Katrina, Congress vowed to make New Orleans "better than it was" by addressing poverty. But on Thursday, lawmakers began cutting $50 billion from the budget, including programs for the poor. Jeff Tyler reports.

Vetting foreign takeovers

Thinking Unocal and China, Treasury officials vowed Thursday to revamp the process of deciding whether national security is jeopardized by the sale of certain US assets to foreign companies. Janet Babin reports.

Google keeps on searching

The search engine giant posted better than expected third quarter earnings yesterday and touched off a stock buying frenzy after the market closed. Ethan Lindsay reports.

Ford's troubles

Ford's Q3 numbers weren't as bad as GM's, but a $284 million loss still isn't good. Now the company has announced it will launch a major restructuring in January. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Bring it home in four

The World Series starts tomorrow and players have more than pride egging them on to win in as few games as possible: there's also a monetary incentive. Rachel Dornhelm explains.

Movie theaters being Left Behind

The third installment in the Rapture-based <em>Left Behind</em> Christian movie series opens today nationwide. But you wont find it at the local multiplex. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.

The national report card

Federal education officials have released the results of the first "Nation's Report Card" study done since implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. Sarah Gardner reports.

Making more Tamiflu

Demand for the medicine Tamiflu has soared upon fears of a bird flu pandemic. The Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche has asked other companies to help in the manufacture its drug. Stephen Beard reports.

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