Marketplace AM for October 18, 2004

Episode Description 

Sloan Sessions and small business ...

Newsweek's Allan Sloan outlines how his Burger King-worthy paycheck as a commentator might qualify him as an entrepreneur who would -- according to the President -- be one of 900,000 small businesses hurt by Kerry's tax plan. Much like Bush's own $84 dollar stake in a timber company...

Ballot Bucks: The candidates on health

The candidates are criss-crossing the U.S. to convince voters that they have the best plan for America. And there are real differences - but the reality can be hard to untangle from the rhetoric. So we set our reporters to tease out the true differences between Bush and Kerry - and provide a sort of "buyers guide" for voters. First, we'll look at health care. Here's Helen Palmer from the Health Desk at WGBH. (Photo: Getty Images)

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