Marketplace AM for November 3, 2006

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Chopstick inflation

Disposable chopsticks are disappearing from the tables at many restaurants in Japan. Steve Herman reports from Tokyo.
Posted In: Canada

Hollywood: Show us the money

Host Mark Austin Thomas and Daily Variety managing editor Michael Speier discuss why TV and movie companies have been so hesitant to make deals with YouTube and other digital newcomers.
Posted In: Entertainment, Science

Will Hollywood play nice with YouTube?

Media companies <i>are</i> feeling the pressure to make deals with Google to get on board YouTube, but Financial Times reporter Aline Van Duyn says those companies are conflicted.
Posted In: Entertainment, Science

Another CEO headed for prison

Former Computer Associates CEO Sanjay Kumar was handed a 12-year sentence for his role in that company's accounting fraud scandal. Corporate attorney Lance Kimmel offers his take on the ruling.
Posted In: Crime

MasterCard wants World Cup back

Visa has swiped World Cup sponsorship rights away from MasterCard. MasterCard has charged FIFA with breach of contract. And today Visa's trying to get in on the lawsuit. Rachel Dornhelm explains.
Posted In: Sports

NYC Marathon scalpers

The 37th New York Marathon is this weekend, but many runners won't be the original entrants. As demand to participate skyrockets, some runners are scalping their bibs for top dollar. Amy Scott has the story.
Posted In: Sports

Sugar goes after Splenda

The sugar industry is drawing a line in the sweet stuff when it comes to pseudo-sugar advertising. It wants the FTC to force Splenda to change its consumer message. Janet Babin reports.

Seafood off the menu?

The world's seafood supply could virtually disappear by the mid-century if current trends continue, says a study out today. Commercial fishing as we know it would be over. Stephen Beard reports.

The dawn of radio

This week in business history, Stacey Vanek-Smith recounts the day most Americans first heard radio, all the way back in 1920.

Wind power credits for sale

Whole Foods Market is now selling wind energy cards for up to $15 at its check stands. Nancy Marshall-Genzer looks at what's in it for consumers.

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