Marketplace AM for November 23, 2005

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The cost of war

Commentator Robert Reich argues that military salaries and the war in Iraq have become a real drain on government coffers.

Inflatable buildings

International airports are experimenting with a new weapon in the fight against a possible flu pandemic... inflatable buildings. Stephen Beard has more.

Over the river...

Folks are on their way to Grandma's house in record numbers this year... and as Gretchen Cook reports, many of them are planning a long stay.

Online advertising resurgent

It looks like the best year yet for online advertising. Third quarter ad revenues were up 34% and are on pace to top a record $12 billion for the year. Scott Jagow looks at what's driving the surge, and why it's making AOL such a hot commodity.

Scientific American's Top 50

Janet Babin looks at what made the cut in Scientific American's top 50 contributions to science in 2005.
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This is not your FBI

The real FBI is warning computer users against an e-mail fraud perpetuated by bad guys masquerading as the federal law enforcement agency. Jeff Tyler reports.

Expensive fish

Atlanta throws open the doors of its new aquarium today, and as Tanya Ott repots, the city has a lot riding on a bunch of fish.

DeLay trial - cash or check?

The judge in the Tom DeLay money laundering trial has begun considering whether the charges against the former House majority leader are worth a trial. Larry Schooler looks at the issues before the judge.

Poultry fears in China

New outbreaks of bird flu have triggered restrictions on poultry imports in Hong Kong, and poultry sales are way down. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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Britain, Bush, and Al Jazeera

The British Government has threatened legal action over claims that President Bush suggested bombing the offices of the Arab news organization Al Jazeera. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Can the holidays save the airlines?

This holiday season is expected to be the busiest ever for airlines. That's not great news for flyers, who face long lines and cramped cabins. So is it good news for the airline? From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.

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