Marketplace AM for November 23, 2004

Episode Description 

Keeping the peace?

The insurgents in Fallujah are all but crushed. But can the U.S. hold onto the city with the help of Iraqi forces? In April, the Iraqis faltered badly, joining with insurgents or deserting their posts. The same thing's happening in Mosul. But the Iraqis say they'll perform better this time, in part because they scrapped liberal hiring practices. Borzou Daragahi reports.

Flip that coin

Greed. Corruption. Scandal. The story of America's rare double-eagle coin has all the makings of an adventure novel. Why is it so highly prized and what will people go though to get it? Host Kai Ryssdal gets some answers from David Tripp, author of "Gold, Greed and the Mystery of the Lost 1933 Double Eagle"...

Enter the Blockbuster!

In the mid-1970s, the movie industry experienced the beginning of a new phenomenon: the blockbuster. Host Tess Vigeland talks to Tom Shone, author of "Blockbuster: How Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Summer" about how this new kind of film changed the way business was done in Hollywood.

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