Marketplace AM for November 22, 2006

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Paulson's folly

Commentator Robert Reich says Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is wrong when he blames strict accounting rules in the U.S. for fueling private acquisition of publicly-held companies.

Online gambling finds a new home

While the U.S. attempts to squelch online gaming, the Philippines and other countries are welcoming it with open arms. Miranda Kennedy reports.
Posted In: Canada, Science

An airline bid down under

Two investment firms have teamed to make an $8.5 billion offer for Australia's Qantas Airways.
Posted In: Travel

Consumer confidence survey says . . .

A new consumer confidence survey comes out today, just in time for the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. John Dimsdale has a preview.
Posted In: Economy

No. 22 in gender equality

The U.S. ranks 22nd out of 115 nations in narrowing the economic and political differences between the sexes. Steve Tripoli has details.
Posted In: Jobs

We're paying more for holiday travel

The plane tickets, the hotel, gasoline — getting to Grandma's house is more expensive than ever this year. Amy Scott breaks it down.
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Holiday box office

Hollywood's holiday film season moves into full swing this week. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at what's at stake.
Posted In: Entertainment

Can't get India to buy our wheat

The U.S. wants India to open up its markets to U.S. farm products. India has a wheat shortage but says ours doesn't meet its strict health standards. Where does that leave us? Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Upping the ante for London Exchange

Speculative investors, led by American corporate raider Samuel Heyman, have been buying up stock in the London Stock Exchange. Stephen Beard tells us what that means for NASDAQ's bid for a takeover.
Posted In: Canada

Cuban music copyright confusion

When Americans were introduced to the Buena Vista Social Club in 1999, Cuban oldies suddenly were hot. But behind the scenes, a legal battle over who owns rights to those songs was born. Dan Grech explains.
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