Marketplace AM for November 22, 2004

Episode Description 

The Sears - Kmart marriage

The blockbuster merger between Kmart Holding Corp. and Sears Roebuck and Co. will create the United States' third-largest retailer, with assets of $55 billion. What's behind this mega-merger of two retail losers? Newsweek's Allan Sloan joins host Kai Ryssdal for some answers.

Immigration debates

The nation's immigration debate is honing in on Arizona. Governor Janet Napolitano is about to sign into law a controversial ballot measure. Proposition 200 requires people to prove they are legal residents before receiving certain state and local benefits. Those without the right documents could be reported to the I-N-S. Immigrant advocates have descended upon Arizona to fight prop 200 in court. Julia Barton reports from Tucson.

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