Marketplace AM for November 18, 2005

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Bush in China

President Bush arrives in China tomorrow, and Ruth Kirchner looks at how the trip is being viewed from the Chinese perspective.

Terrell Owens suspension

Host Cheryl Glaser talks to business of sports commentator Diana Nyad about the fallout over the Terrell Owens suspension.

Arrested Development

Daily Variety editor Michael Speier talks to host Tess Vigeland about the demise of the FOX series "Arrested Development."

Bridges to Nowhere

Those infamous Alaskan bridges to sparsely populated areas drew lots of criticism as egregious examples of pork. In response, Congress has pulled the earmarked funds for the bridges. But as Hillary Wicai reports, that doesn't mean taxpayers won't still be paying for them.

Stud farm

Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss has announced Nevada's first bordello that caters to women. Jeff Tyler reports.

Scooping Black Friday sales

A new Web site has pooled day-after-Thanksgiving sale information from major retailers to give shoppers a (turkey) leg up. But as Scott Jagow reports, retailers are crying foul.

Black box warnings

A new report out shows doctors frequently ignore so-called "black box" warnings on medications that include serious side effects. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bush in China - but wait, there's more!

President Bush arrives in Beijing tomorrow for a visit with China's leaders. Jocelyn Ford looks at what China wants out of Bush economically.

Earthquake donors conference

The UN is set to host a donors' conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, tomorrow in the wake of calls for more money to stop the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the South Asia earthquake. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Gold rising

Gold prices, which had already been rising, surged this week. Stephen Beard explains what's going on.

Budget cuts and tax cuts

Congress burned the midnight oil working on their finances last night. The House passed budget cuts, and the Senate cut taxes. What are the implications? Hillary Wicai reports.

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