Marketplace AM for November 17, 2006

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Tax whammy for winners

Winning the lottery is an American dream. Paying taxes on your winnings . . . that's a nightmare. And the IRS doesn't just take its cut from the big wins. Apryl Lundsten reports.

Formula for movie franchise magic

Host Mark Austin Thomas and Daily Variety managing editor Michael Speier look at the key ingredients of a successful movie franchise.
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A whole lot riding on PS3

The PlayStation 3 has been hailed as a technological marvel with stunning graphics, flashy games and features galore. But its success is no game to Sony, Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Posted In: Science

Toyota starts up in Texas

The Japanese auto giant opens a new plant in San Antonio today to begin making its revamped Tundra. It's looking to cut into the one market its U.S. rivals still dominate: full-size pickup trucks. Amy Scott reports.

'Frankenstein food' shows up in UK

The transatlantic dispute over genetically-modified crops has flared up again now that a genetically-modified organism has been found in American long grain rice in the UK. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada

Holiday travelers, take a deep breath

It's the perfect recipe for Thanksgiving travel madness: packed planes, confusing security rules and lots of novice travelers. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Buy local!

Tomorrow small business advocates hope to boost regional economies by encouraging consumers to buy local — and to help people understand why it's so important. Lisa Napoli reports.

Money worries? You're not alone

A new survey shows nearly half of all Americans are stressed about their personal finances, but some groups are more stressed than others. Ashley Milne-Tyte has details.

Sharing nuclear technology with India

Last night the Senate overwhelmingly passed a controversial deal to share civilian nuclear technology with India. The bill still has to get through the House, but business leaders are hailing it as a major victory. Miranda Kennedy explains.
Posted In: Canada

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