Marketplace AM for November 11, 2004

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A look at 4th quarter profits

As expected, the Fed raises interest rates this week. So, don't expect to be wowed by corporate profits in the fourth quarter of this year. Marketplace's money guru Chris Farrell joins host Kai Ryssdal to explain why.
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Life - version 2.0

Some people choose big city life, thinking it's necessary to keep their careers on the fast track. But Rich Kargaard, author of "Life 2.0" says more people today are discovering they can do just as well, and in many cases better in small town middle America. He tells host Tess Vigeland about how folks are making the switch... and why.

More veteran contracts?

The Bush Administration wants to be sure federal agencies don't just think about America's vets on Veterans Day. From WGBH, Boston Helen Palmer reports on efforts to grant more government contracts to the nation's disabled vets.

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