Marketplace AM for November 1, 2004

Episode Description 

Critical condition?

How has the U.S. come to have the most expensive, but least efficient health care system in the developed world? That's one question author Donald Barlett tries to answer in the new book, "Critical Condition". He talks to host Tess Vigeland about what's led to the huge disparities in health care among Americans.

Beyond the election ...

Once the dust settles from the election, will the winning presidential candidate be able to make any significant changes to our economy? In this edition of The Sloan Sessions Newsweek's Wall Street editor Allan Sloan tells host Kai Ryssdal what we might expect to see.

Time is money

Having trouble adjusting to the weekend time change? Be glad you don't work in Argentina. There, every province gets to choose what time zone it wants to be in. From the America's Desk, Dan Grech reports on how keeping up with clocks drives the country's businesses mad.

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