Marketplace AM for May 5, 2005

Episode Description 

Long bonds

We may soon see the return of the 30-year bond. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell about how it could affect interest rates... and home mortgages.

Look what the movie trailed in

A less-recognized part of the film industry is about to get its moment in the spotlight. Tonight, the Key Arts Awards honor the folks who make those splashy movie ads that run before the movies. As Marketplace's Cheryl Glaser tells us, they can play a critical role in a film's success.

Kentucky Derby - Xtreme??

Fans of horseracing jockey for the remote control this weekend to watch one of the sport's most timeless events: The Kentucky Derby. Host Lisa Napoli talks to Marketplace's Business of Sports commentator David Carter to see how horseracing is faring in the age of NASCAR mania and "extreme" sports.

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