Marketplace AM for May 26, 2005

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You may not care about a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt vacationing in Africa, and yet Us Magazine reportedly forked over $500 grand for one. The curious and lucrative world of celebrity photography inspired veteran photographer Peter Howe to write a book about it.

Cities take on global warming

President Bush has declined to sign the Kyoto Protocol, the treaty designed to cool global warming. The White House says Kyoto would put the U.S at a competitive disadvantage. But more than 150 American cities have decided to comply with Kyoto anyway. They say they're thinking globally, but they also admit it helps them economically, and, as Curt Nickisch reports, it gives them a competitive advantage.
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Hedge funds

You pay your money on Wall Street, you take your chances. There are after all no sure things in investing. But some things are a good deal less sure than others. For example, hedge funds. Here's Chris Farrell.
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