Marketplace AM for May 25, 2005

Episode Description 

Reich Commentary: The Energy Bill

The Senate is now debating a new energy bill. The House has already passed one. Yesterday, a Senate committee proposed making billions of dollars available to launch the next generation of cleaner power plants. In this edition of "The Public's Business," commentator Robert Reich says it's a sign the Senate is taking a different path than the House.

Interview with Wall Street analyst Emanuel Derman

He started off as a nuclear physicist. But these days, he works as an analyst on Wall Street. A huge career switch? Maybe not. Emanuel Derman has found some interesting relationships between physics and finance. And he joins host Kai Ryssdal to talk about them.

"Nobodies to Somebodies"

What do the world's great leaders have in common? Former software exec Peter Han went on a quest to find out and discovered that those who really became big names in the business world started out as unknowns. He joins host Lisa Napoli to talk about his book on the subject, "Nobodies to Somebodies."

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