Marketplace AM for May 20, 2005

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TV ads upfront

TV executives are meeting in New York this week to try to generate billions of dollars in ad sales. It's what's called the upfront market, where networks sell most of their commercial time. Problem is people are watching fewer ads these days, thanks to digital recorders like TiVo that let them just fast forward on by. From Chicago, Jonathan Menjivar reports on what the advertising industry is doing about it.

Keeping track of the money

Today on our series "Think Global", the folks with the green eyeshades. With a global economy come goods, services, and money moving across borders. Keeping track of that money is maybe the most basic requirement accountants have. And Tom Jones, the Vice Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, says keeping track of the ALL ABOUT money.
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Star Wars: the day after

There are two kinds of people: those who stood in line to see a midnight show of Star Wars, and the rest of us. Those hard core fans amounted to $16 million for the nation's box offices. Hollywood's got its hopes pinned on the film. We ask Michael Speier of Variety to hum a few bars.

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