Marketplace AM for May 16, 2005

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The Sloan Sessions: Return of the long bond

Yes, the long bond is coming back to the marketplace. What difference does it make? Quite a bit, for a government that needs to borrow a lot of money. Host Kai Ryssdal explores the impact of the 30-year bond's return with Newsweek's Wall Street editor Allan Sloan in this edition of The Sloan Sessions.
Posted In: Wall Street

Multinational indoctrination

Today we begin a series, "Think Global", on how American business practices are being adopted around the world. In our first installment, Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford looks at what practices U.S. companies want to teach their workers in China.
Posted In: Canada

Nanotech investments

The Bush Administration is putting big bucks into the emerging field of nanotechnology. Should you? Marketplace's Lisa Napoli talks to Marketplace's investment guru Gabe Wisdom about the payoffs we may see from nanotech... and when.

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