Marketplace AM for March 9, 2007

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An accidental vote winner — and loser

Controversy surrounding Diebold has left its e-voting machines under a cloud of suspicion, but the company is doing quite nicely. Electronic voting is just a small sideline business for Diebold — and one it stumbled onto at that.
Posted In: Science

Box office rebound and then some

Hollywood's box office has returned to health despite all the doomsday predictions of two years ago. And Daily Variety's Mike Speier says we ain't seen nothin' yet — 2007 promises to be a huge year.
Posted In: Entertainment

More billionaires than ever

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett still top the list, but competition is closing in. Mexico's Carlos Slim Helú is leading the race to the top, but there've been some interesting developments in Europe too.
Posted In: Canada

Saving more than time

Don't forget to spring forward this weekend. We're making the switch to Daylight Savings Time three weeks earlier this year, and that could save smart energy consumers some cash.

Blowing money in Chicago

They don't exactly know why, but researchers have found that traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange make less money on windy days.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

$100 million for the brain

The Broad Institute will receive $100 million — the biggest award ever given for psychiatric disease research — to analyze thousands of genetic samples from people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Posted In: Health

Airbus down, but not out

British Airways wants to replace its long-haul jets and although the airline currently uses Boeing planes, it'll give struggling Airbus a chance to compete for the contract.
Posted In: Canada, Travel

Mutiny in South America?

Uruguay is next on the President's tour of Latin America. Bush will push for deeper trade ties with the tiny nation that's threatening to pull away from Brazil and Argentina in a show of diplomatic muscle.
Posted In: Canada

SEC, London have an exchange

An SEC commissioner's remarks have riled up London's financial community — and the Brits are firing back. Roel Campos reportedly likened London's alternative market to a casino.
Posted In: Canada

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