Marketplace AM for March 6, 2006

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Allan Sloan on the ports dilemma

Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan tells host Scott Jagow his simple solution to the flap over Dubai Ports World.
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Talley on Fastow

Economist Eric Talley previews the next stage of the Enron trial with host Cheryl Glaser.

Enron trial heats up

It's been largely a bore so far, but the Enron trial is likely to get a lot more interesting this week, with expected testimony from ex-CFO Andrew Fastow on alleged accounting shenanigans at the collapsed energy giant. Alisa Roth reports.

Heating assistance

The Senate could take up a bill as early as today to allocate $1 billion in federal funds to home heating assistance for the poor. As Scott Tong reports, utilities are lobbying hard for passage.
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Bellwether Vioxx trial

Opening arguments are scheduled today in the case of two men who each took Vioxx for more than two years and claim they suffered a heart attack as a result. Helen Palmer reports that the outcome of this trial could well determine the viability of other liability cases against the drug's maker, Merck.
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Federal telecommuting

Four out of ten federal workers telecommute at least one day a week. As Hillary Wicai reports, it's part of efforts to make the federal workforce more flexible and more secure.
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Forbidden City makeover

Philanthropist and former AIG board member Houghton Freeman pledges $5 million to spruce up a crumbling imperial garden inside the former palace and, in the process, further American understanding about China. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Linde's buyout of BOC

A takeover unveiled in Europe today will create the world's biggest supplier of industrial gases, such as hydrogen and oxygen. The Linde Group of Germany, is buying its British Rival BOC for more than $14 billion. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

China tends to its rural poor

China's Parliament kicked off its annual session yesterday. The hot topic: The rural poor. More than half of all Chinese people still live in the countryside, and they've been largely left behind by China's economic boom. Some have taken to the streets recently, and it appears the higher-ups have heard them. Premier Wen Jiabao outlined the plan to pump billions into rural areas to improve the living standards of its impoverished farmers. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner reports.
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AT&T buys BellSouth

AT&T says it's buying BellSouth for $67 billion in stock. The deal creates the biggest telecom company in the country, offering local and long distance service, wireless, and cable and Internet access. AT&ampT says the deal will save the company $2 billion a year, due in part to thousands of job cuts. Now the question is, will the new company pass along any of that money to folks like you and me? Analyst Jeff Kagan thinks so.