Marketplace AM for March 3, 2005

Episode Description 

Meet the "moto-boys"

If you think traffic's bad where you are, you probably haven't been to Sao Paolo, Brazil. The city is a vast unplanned mess of 18 million people. It has some of the worst traffic congestion in the world. And it's more than just a headache for drivers. In Sao Paolo, traffic tie-ups account for an estimated $80 billion a year in lost productivity. Simply put - time is money. But as Americas desk correspondent Dan Grech reports, a small army of daredevils have emerged to keep the Brazilian economy chugging.

Happiness ...

Maybe your mother told you money doesn't buy happiness. But perhaps you don't believe it. Today, a visit with Lord Richard Layard, author of a new book called, simply, Happiness. He says even though our purchasing power has soared over the past fifty years, we're no happier than we were before.

Faith in forecasting?

The outlooks for Social Security and other government programs are based on a variety of economic projections. But are these long-range forecasts worth the paper they're written on? Host Kai Ryssdal gets some insight from Marketplace's money guru Chris Farrell about these numbers and how much faith we should put in them.

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