Marketplace AM for March 29, 2007

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Being Mickey's boss, part 2

Walt Disney Company President and CEO Bob Iger talks about what he's doing with the keys to the Magic Kingdom. The latest in our Conversations from the Corner Office series.

Go endorse 'em, Tiger

Tiger Woods is the most marketable active athlete by a long shot — and he still will be five years from now, according to a survey of sports business and media execs. So what is it that makes him the gold standard of sports endorsement?
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China's secret defense budget

Beijing comes under new criticism today for its steadily-rising defense budget. And that's just on the surface. It's accused of an aggressive military build-up: unknown amounts of weapons purchases and research not included in the official budget.
Posted In: Canada, Washington

Playing mortgage hot potato

Bankruptcy could be just around the corner for New Century Financial, but other lenders are making money buying and selling subprime loans it issued — a profitable fee-collecting game as long as they unload the loans before borrowers default.
Posted In: Housing

Losing our technological footing

The U.S. — which previously led the world in technological innovation — has slipped all the way to No. 7, according rankings put out by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
Posted In: Canada, Science

Selling American education in India

A U.S. envoy is in India this week, hoping to sell that country's substantial youth population on the merits of an American education — one they may soon be able to get without even leaving India.
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Cocaine's loophole: Venezuela

The U.S. has poured $4 billion into stopping the Colombian drug trade, and it's worked — except that smugglers have found an easy path though neighboring Venezuela since it cut political ties with America and stopped cooperating.
Posted In: Canada

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