Marketplace AM for March 29, 2006

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Helping the folks back home

Reporter Dan Grech tells the story of one immigrant family that has turned the practice of sending money back home into a half-million-dollar venture.

Reich on immigration reform

In this installment of The People's Business, commentator Robert Reich says the best way to stop the hiring of illegal immigrants is to strengthen enforcement of basic labor laws.

TiVo takes Echostar to court

TiVo, the digital video recording company, goes to court in Texas today to take on satellite company Echostar.TiVo claims Echostar stole its technology. Alex Cohen has more.

Abramoff to learn his fate

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff will learn his fate in the first of two criminal cases against him in Miami today. He could get up to seven years in prison for charges related to the purchase of a casino cruise line. Amy Scott reports.
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<i>Chomp, chomp, snap</i> . . . Is gum good for health?

Have you ever been around someone who chews gum constantly? Do they seem happier? Healthier? Wrigley is betting millions of dollars on it. Stacey Vanek-Smith explains.
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Apple vs. Apple

The Beatles' record company, Apple, goes to the high court in London today, seeking substantial damages from the computer company of the same name. Stephen Beard reports.

Patent ruling coming on eBay

eBay hopes it will walk away the winner in a court battle over its "Buy It Now" technology. It's involved in a patent case that has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Wireless technology in your living room

You probably know Bluetooth as a wireless technology used in cell phones and other small devices. Well, could be seeing that same technology in your living room. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

US-China trade gap a hot topic

US and China officials are meeting a lot these days. Their concern is the huge trade gap between the two countries. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Tougher MPG requirements for SUVs

The US government unveils new fuel economy rules today that will put stricter mileage requirements on SUVs and trucks. It's part of an effort to wean this country from Middle Eastern oil. Janet Babin reports.
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