Marketplace AM for March 29, 2005

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Oil and gas shortages: Is there a refinery shortage?

Oil prices fell slightly Monday - stopping at just over $54 a barrel. But don't get too excited. Demand is expected to keep the price of oil high in the coming months. There's also a scarcity problem. Not of the fuel itself, but as Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports, there's a shortage of refineries to turn oil into usable gasoline. Meanwhile, not everyone buys into the theory that high oil prices are here to stay. Commentator Vijay Vaitheeswaran says don't bet on it.
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U.S. Supreme Court focuses on the Internet

The Supreme Court hears two cases today that could mean wholesale changes for the Internet. One involves file-swapping networks. The other could force cable companies to open their broadband lines to competitors. As Marketplace's Bob Moon reports, that could determine who controls the gateway to the Internet.

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