Marketplace AM for March 24, 2006

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The next NFL commish editor Michael Knisley talks to host Scott Jagow about the challenges facing the successor to outgoing NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.
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DVD vs. silver screen

Daily Variety editor Michael Speier talks to host Mark Austin Thomas about the profitability of movies on DVD versus those shown in theaters.

Ecuadorian free trade

While trade officials from Ecuador meet with US counterparts in Washington today, protesters back home fear losing their way of life. Dan Grech reports.

Intel vs. AMD

Patrick Hirsch looks at what Dell's plans to buy gaming computer maker Alienware could mean for the computer processing chip industry.

Tax information security

A proposed IRS rule change has some consumer advocates worried that US taxpayer information could be sold to the highest bidder. Hillary Wicai reports.
Posted In: Washington

Microsoft shakeup

The man who helped develop many of Microsoft's popular Office products has been tapped to head the troubled unit responsible for creating new versions of Windows operating platforms. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

EU is into leather tax on China

The European Union plans to roll out a new tax on leather shoes from China. It will start at 5% and climb to 20% by the fall. Jocelyn Ford has reaction from Beijing.

Excuse his <i>not speaking</i> French? Never!

French President Jacques Chirac stormed out of a key European Union meeting after a French business leader committed the unpardonable sin: He addressed the gathering in English. Stephen Beard reports.

Adoption tax credit

With tax season in full swing, Ethan Lindsey reports on a tax credit designed to help adoptive parents cover the costs of the process -- which few take advantage of.

Googling the S & P 500

The search engine may be a rebel on Wall Street, but given its share price it's little surprise that Standard &amp; Poors has decided to add Google to its roster of 500 firms. Hillary Wicai reports.

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