Marketplace AM for March 22, 2005

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India's digital divide may be shrinking

Dell computer says it'll hire another 1300 customer service reps for a call center in India. India's recent advancement in I-T seems a little out of sync with the fact that only 14 of every thousand people own a computer.As Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi, bridging the digital divide is a top priority. Also, commentator Tom Standage says the Digital Solidarity Fund is another top-down strategy that likely won't work.
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Greenspan has plenty of critics in Europe

The Fed's Open Market Committee meets today to make a decision about interest rates. Given the global dominance of the U.S. dollar, the world will be watching. But not everyone will be cheering Alan Greenspan for his stewardship of the American currency. Although he is widely admired, there is a small but growing band of foreign skeptics who are deeply critical of the Fed Chairman, as Stephen Beard reports from London.
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