Marketplace AM for March 21, 2007

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Maybe home ownership's not for everyone

As the subprime housing sector continues to crumble, commentator David Frum says maybe our idea of the great American dream is a little off and some people just shouldn't be buying homes.
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Subprime lenders got some explaining to do

Both lenders and regulators will be in the hot seat on Capitol Hill this week. With millions of American homeowners facing the threat of foreclosure and a growing number of lenders facing bankruptcy, Congress wants some answers.
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This in-flight film is not yet rated

Airlines face their own editing dilemma: For every passenger who complains about scenes being cut from in-flight movies, there's a parent who's outraged at content that's been left in. Enter a plea for federal standards.
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New low-cost carrier en route

Virgin America may finally get its wings. The U.S. government has reversed its position that allowing popular overseas carrier Virgin Atlantic to operate here would violate foreign ownership rules.

Will Virgin's deal open skies?

The transportation department's surprise move to let Virgin America operate in the U.S. could create even bigger waves in the travel industry if it sways E.U. opinion ahead of tomorrow's vote on the Open Skies Treaty.
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Gore's blockbuster return to Washington

Staffers are preparing for crowds worthy of a Hollywood star as the former Vice President returns to Capitol Hill today to talk about global warming. But his heightened celebrity may not help the cause.
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Global fixes for global warming

The theory behind geo-engineering is that if technology is to blame for climate change, it might also be used to fix it. But the solutions are controversial and even proponents warn they should be viewed as an insurance policy of last resort.
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Google puts online ads to the test

Google has already charmed Madison Avenue with its advertising potential, but now the search company is testing a service that guarantees marketers their ads are working. If not, they don't have to pay for them.
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Minutemen keep watch over founder

Jim Gilchrist was ousted by his own company's board for allegedly using a large portion of the Minuteman's funds to promote his own book. Today a California judge will decide who gets to lead the organization.
Posted In: Crime, Immigration

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