Marketplace AM for March 2, 2005

Episode Description 

An educational warning shot

Public high schools are in trouble. That warning came from the nation's governors during their National Education Summit this past weekend. Of every 100 high schoolers, only 68 graduate on time. And far too many drop out altogether. The governors say only drastic change will keep millions of students from falling short. But are they ready to do something about it? In this edition of The Public's Business, Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says if they are, he has a solution.

Marketing medicine ...

The adverse side effects and recall of blockbuster pharmaceuticals likeVioxx are grabbing headlines. Yet some doctors contend that the real issuegoes deeper. For every FDA-approved drug withdrawn from patient circulationbelatedly, after adverse side effects surface, there are many more new drugswaiting in the wings. Some are extraordinary. Others may not be pioneering in anything but their marketing campaigns. The question is how to tell the difference. Pamela Renner reports on calls for change coming from within themedical profession.

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