Marketplace AM for March 19, 2007

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The Sloan Sessions: Emotional investors

In just a month, record highs and boom times on Wall Street have given way to big losses. Allan Sloan believes investors have simply let emotion get the best of them.
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Your own personal satellite?

Later today a company called SpaceX is launching a test rocket that might make access to space a whole lot more affordable. Geoff Brumfiel reports.

Barclays looks for a Dutch treat

The British financial giant is trying to take over the Netherlands' ABN Amro, which would create Europe's second-largest bank. Host Lisa Napoli discusses the deal with our London correspondent, Stephen Beard.

China wants to build passenger planes

The Chinese government says it plans to compete with Boeing and Airbus in making passenger jets. Our Shanghai correspondent, Scott Tong, gets into the details with host Scott Jagow.
Posted In: Travel

Rocky Mountain insider-trading trial

Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio goes on trial today in Denver on charges of insider trading. Nacchio profited mightily before the telecom giant's stock collapsed. Steve Tripoli reports.
Posted In: Crime, Investing, Wall Street

A380's size matters

The Airbus A380 jumbo jet lands in New York later today on a promotional flight. Can Airbus convince anybody to buy this plane? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Military rolling out new line of combat vehicles

Four years after the start of the war in Iraq, the Marine Corps is spending more than $200 million on improved combat vehicles. Patty Murray reports on one company that got the contract.

A more sophisticated hacker

A new report suggests computer hackers may be motivated not just by hopes of notoriety, but a desire to get your money. Before you get too worried, though, consider the source. Janet Babin reports.

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