Marketplace AM for March 15, 2005

Episode Description 

Reshaping the American labor movement

The American labor movement - losing membership and political clout - is trying to re-tool to become more relevant for modern workers. Union leaders have targeted the fastest growing segment of the labor force - professional and technical workers. But traditional unions have not kept pace with the changing nature of white collar work with the new world of contracting and outsourcing and temporary projects. John Dimsdale reports unions are being told they must change... or die.

Investing in workplace health is saving money

A study just released by Brigham Young University shows that folks who participate in workplace health programs miss fewer workdays than others. That drop in absenteeism saves businesses nearly $16 for each dollar they spend on those programs. From Marketplace's Work & Family Desk, Sarah Gardner looks at how companies are emphasizing prevention to keep a lid on skyrocketing health care costs.

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