Marketplace AM for March 13, 2006

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Can AT&T go the distance?

Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan talks to host Scott Jagow about whether the new AT&T can avoid the same fate as the old one.
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Regulating the NYSE

Economist Eric Talley talks to host Cheryl Glaser about whether efforts to facilitate self-regulation at the New York Stock Exchange is good for investors.
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Canada's new ambassador

Ottawa's top diplomat arrives in Washington today carrying with him the charge to smooth relations set on edge because of disputes over Iraq and the Kyoto treaty. Steve McNally reports from Toronto.

US-Pakistani energy talks

Energy secretary Samuel Bodman arrives in Karachi this week to discuss energy cooperation with Pakistan. Alisa Roth looks at what might be in it for US energy companies.

Budget battle

Forget the Democrats, Senate Republicans can't even agree among themselves over how to proceed with the 2007 federal budget, which hits the Senate floor today for debate. Hillary Wicai has more.
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Calling all movie-goers

The business end of show business turns out in force today at the industry's big annual convention in Las Vegas. High on the agenda: luring people back into movie theaters.

Cities look to forestall cuts

Municipal officials from across the country gather in Washington D.C. today to lobby Congress to preserve funding given to cities through Community Development Block Grants. Helen Palmer reports.
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Green China

It seems every day China tells the world it's cracking down on something else. Piracy, corruption . . . In today's installment, it's pollution. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Rock hall, no thanks

Ever the iconoclasts, the Sex Pistols have turned down an invitation to attend their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because the dinner costs $25,000 a table. Curt Nickish reports.

What's in Capital One's wallet?

We know it's at least $14.5 billion.That's how much the credit card company will pay for a New York-based bank called North Fork. As Scott Tong reports, Capital One's been opening it's wallet a lot lately.

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