Marketplace AM for June 30, 2006

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India's digital divide, part 2

India's growing call center industry offers help with computers and Internet use, but relatively few Indians have access to that technology themselves. But as Miranda Kennedy reports, that's starting to change.
Posted In: Canada

Latest in the fight against arson

Jen Banbury tours an insurance company fire lab where arson investigators play with fire to stay one step ahead of arsonists.

Big pharma's unorthodox strategy

As more pharmaceutical companies lose patents on blockbuster drugs, they're undercutting the price of their own products to stay competitive. Amy Scott explains.
Posted In: Health

New train to Tibet

China launches the world's highest altitude train tomorrow. The government says the train bound for Tibet will help the local economy by bringing in lots of tourists. But Jocelyn Ford tells us many Tibetans worry they won't benefit financially.
Posted In: Canada

ASDA sidesteps strike

A British supermarket owned by Wal-Mart has avoided a strike planned to coincide with England playing in the World Cup tomorrow. Analysts say it's the kind of deal Wal-Mart would never do in the US. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada

Container security worth the cost?

Efforts by GE, Siemens and other companies to devise safety procedures for cargo containers could be an example of the private sector looking to get ahead of possible government regulation. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

More Microsoft delays

On the heels of the delayed launched of its new operating software, Microsoft announced yet another delay for its Office 2007 software package. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Posted In: Science

Tax holiday — for them not us

Severe flooding in Washington DC has forced the closure of IRS headquarters from a month. But Hillary Wicai says tax cheats shouldn't get cocky.
Posted In: Washington

Le Tour sans Lance

The Tour de France begins Saturday without marquee cyclist Lance Armstrong. Alex Cohen looks at whether his absence with hurt the event's draw in the US and its TV ad revenue.
Posted In: Canada, Sports

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