Marketplace AM for June 28, 2006

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Iran to blame for inflation?

Commentator David Frum argues the real culprit behind inflationary pressures around the world is higher oil prices, and that Iran's nuclear program only makes matters worse.

Watch sales are down

Quick, what time is it? More of us are checking our cell phones to answer that question, and that's bad news for the wrist watch industry. Doesn't help that watches have fallen out of favor with young people. Lisa Napoli reports.

GM's new incentives

The world's largest automaker announced yesterday that sales this year were expected to be lower than last year's. So GM has instituted another new buyer incentive plan to help clear inventory. Bob Moon reports.

And Honda's new US plant goes to . . .

Honda has been pondering where in the Midwest to build its $400 million auto assembly plant which is expected to provide 1,500 jobs. The winner is Greensburg, Indiana. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Google to unveil Gbuy

Search engine giant Google is expected to launch a new online payment service to compete against eBay's PayPal. Charla Bear has the story.
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Nortel restructures

Telecom equipment maker Nortel said yesterday it was cutting 1,100 jobs and scaling back its pension program to help it compete in an increasingly tight market. Janet Babin reports.

Child poverty grows

A new study out shows the number of children living in poverty is up 8 percent. Hillary Wicai has more.

New welfare rules

The Bush Administration yesterday released new rules clarifying the types of work recipients of federal welfare assistance can do. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Airbus turbulence continues

European plane-maker Airbus has some explaining to do. Today the co-CEO at its parent company EADS went before French lawmakers. Stephen Beard reports.
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Today, the US Postal Service and competitor UPS are set to announce a deal to work together. UPS will start carrying US mail on its planes as soon as this weekend. Amy Scott reports.

Call center security breach

HSBC said today a call center employee in India was arrested for handing over people's bank information to thieves.Host Scott Jagow talks to David Wells of the Financial Times about just how secure these call centers are — or aren't.
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