Marketplace AM for June 25, 2007

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Keeping it personal

Rite Aid's recent acquisition of 2,000 Brooks and Eckerd drugstores puts it in striking distance of rivals Walgreens and CVS. Kai Ryssdal sat down with CEO Mary Sammons to discuss the challenges of integrating all those stores.

Happy 100th bra-niversary

It was June 1907 when the brassiere first hit fashion's main stage with a mention in Vogue. Since then it's matured from unmentionable to coffee table magazine fare -- and into a $14 billion business. Lisa Napoli has the story.

Murdoch's Dow dance nearing a climax?

Other suitors have dropped out and Rupert Murdoch is mulling a $5-billion bid for the company that owns the Wall Street Journal. But the family owned newspaper is pushing for two board seats. Dan Sabbagh has the details.
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Turn the (online) radio off

Many online radio stations are suspending service tomorrow to protest new higher royalty rates. They say the dramatic fee increase will put some Internet DJs out of business, but the people collecting are singing a different tune. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Too much credit

You may not have heard of the Bank of International Settlements, but it's the world's most prestigious financial body and it's warning of a big credit bubble. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of London's Daily Telegraph explains.
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Today MySpace, tomorrow Facebook?

MySpace has long had a stranglehold on the online social networking community, but its grip might be loosening as Web trends change and challengers like Facebook come up with new tools to lure users away. Amy Scott reports.
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Brazil stuck on the runway

A work slowdown by Brazil's air traffic controllers demanding higher pay and better working conditions has meant lengthy delays for passengers on hundreds of flights. And those are the ones that finally got off the ground. Dan Grech has more.
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BP trying to get its image back online

British oil giant BP plans to restart oil production in Alaska today after cutting some output from its Prudhoe Bay field last week. The leak that sparked the shutdown was tiny, but BP's got more than pipelines to repair. Stephen Beard reports.
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Lessons from Amaranth's collapse

The hedge fund lost $6 billion in a single week for placing losing bets on the natural gas market. A study might call for more regulation, but some are warning that investors will look elsewhere. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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