Marketplace AM for June 2, 2006

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World Cup mania

Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad talks to host Scott Jagow about advertisers and the world's biggest sporting event.
Posted In: Canada, Sports

Do movie reviews matter anymore?

Daily Variety editor Michael Speier and host Mark Austin Thomas take a look at the influence of picks and pans.

Employment figures weaker than expected

The US unemployment rate hasn't been this low in five years, but wages grew at a slower pace and the hiring rate declined too. Is the economy cooling? Hillary Wicai reports.
Posted In: Economy

NYSE, Euronext deal

The Big Board has reached a deal to merge with Euronext to create the first trans-Atlantic stock exchange. Bob Moon has more.
Posted In: Canada, Wall Street

Wal-Mart shareholders meet

Dissident shareholders put forth a slate of provocative corporate governance resolutions at today's annual meeting. John Dimsdale has the details.

Mortgage rates hit four-year high

Hillary Wicai reports the higher lending fees could trigger procrastinating home-owners to refinance.
Posted In: Economy

FDA restaurant report

Government food regulators are expected to release a report today calling on restaurants to give caloric information on their menus. Scott Tong has more.
Posted In: Health, Washington

Swiss beefcakes lure wives, girlfriends

While the attention of European men is focused on the World Cup in Germany this summer, Switzerland hopes to catch the eye, and euros, of the continent's females. Curt Nickisch reports.

Shifting from political to economic freedom

In increasingly capitalist China, protests surrounding this weekend's Tiananmen Square anniversary are likely to be more economic than political. Jocelyn Ford has more.
Posted In: Canada

A hedge fund pandemic?

Hedge funds are dangerous, more of a threat to the world's economy than a bird flu pandemic. That's a new warning from the European Central Bank. Stephen Beard reports.

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