Marketplace AM for July 3, 2006

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Viral video

CNet executive editor Brian Cooley and host Mark Austin Thomas discuss the market potential of viral videos.
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Social change in India

India is slowly dismantling its deeply entrenched caste system. Miranda Kennedy has the story of one Untouchable who's bucked the constraints of social hierarchy.
Posted In: Canada

Wait begins in Mexico

Dan Grech reports from Mexico City on the result of Mexico's presidential election and it economic implications.
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Election uncertainty won't help Mexico's economy

It will likely be a couple days before we know who won Mexico's presidential election. Marketplace Americas Desk correspondent Dan Grech talks to host Mark Austin Thomas from Mexico City.
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Working on the 3rd

Today is a workday for some and a holiday for others. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at why some companies are off and others in full swing.

Second half preview

With the year half over, Rachel Dornhelm asked economists to grade the economy's 2006 performance so far and look ahead to the next six months.
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Airbus execs quit

Two top executives at European aircraft maker Airbus and its parent company have quit, forced out of office two weeks after announcing delays in the company's new super jumbo jet A380. Stephen Beard reports.
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Hotels make a comeback

It's going to be a busy and lucrative summer for hotels this year. Alex Cohen tells us why.

Budget standoff in New Jersey

All but essential state services are closed in New Jersey today. That could leave thousands of government workers without paychecks. It also spells trouble for the state's casino industry. Amy Scott explains.