Marketplace AM for July 26, 2007

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Cut corporate taxes, or close loopholes?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson believes the tax burden on businesses is driving some companies away. Critics say closing tax code loopholes benefitting well-connected industries is a better move. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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'Open access' battle heats up in D.C.

Google has proposed a billion-dollar bid to keep airwaves open to smaller telecoms and innovators. But established telecom carriers say it's nothing but a government handout of valuable spectrum. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Hyper-competitive job market training

Funding for a little-known program helping workers who lose their jobs to overseas competition is being held hostage by GOP backers of presidential fast-track trade authority. Chris Farrell explains the controversy.
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Nanoparticles in regulatory spotlight

Sub-microscopic materials are now in hundreds of consumer products, and the tiny particles can defy standard physics and may pose a risk. The FDA is passing the buck to the EPA to regulate them. Janet Babin reports.
Posted In: Science

Venezuela's social spending spree

About 20 percent of the nation's GDP goes into health and welfare programs, thanks to high oil prices. Even if prices drop, President Hugo Chavez might be able to keep the social spigot open. Dan Grech reports.
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Disney nixes on-screen smoking

The movie ratings folks plan to crack down on films depicting tobacco smoking, and that's just bad for Disney's bottom line. The health of the audience is another factor. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Shell profits from BP problems

Royal Dutch Shell is reporting record earnings -- more than $8.5 billion in the second-quarter. Carl Mortished of The Times of London says Shell is benefitting from British Petroleum's difficulties.
Posted In: Canada

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