Marketplace AM for July 25, 2006

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Egypt's next big thing

Egypt has plans to broaden the country's tourism appeal beyond just the pyramids. Nancy Farghalli tells us what's coming.
Posted In: Canada

What killed Doha?

The Doha Round of global free trade talks collapsed Monday in Geneva. Steve Tripoli tells us what some of the sticking points were.
Posted In: Canada

Click fraud lawsuits

Advertisers claim Google needs to do more to curb click fraud at a hearing over a proposed $90 million settlement to dismiss lawsuits against the search engine. Janet Babin reports.
Posted In: Science

An 'Inconvenient' marketing opportunity

Producers of the global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" seize on the current heat wave as a marketing tool for the film. Jeff Tyler has the story.

Private insurance can cure pension problems

Commentator Barry Nalebuff argues for creating a new type of insurance to fix the nation's ailing private pension system.

Cost of rolling blackouts

California officials warn of possible rolling blackouts if the current heat wave pushes energy use beyond supply capacity. Sarah Gardner takes a look at the economic toll the last time the Golden State faced rolling blackouts.

Cox on the spot

SEC chairman Chris Cox goes before lawmakers today to answer questions about a possible politically motivated squelching of an insider trading investigation. Scott Tong reports.
Posted In: Wall Street, Washington

BP's big profits

British oil giant BP has reported a big hike in earnings thanks to higher oil and natural gas prices. But it's also facing plenty of problems in the US. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada

Sticky earnings period for Wrigley

Wrigley comes out with Q2 earnings today, but a $1.4 billion acquisition last year is likely to gum up the numbers. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

Exodus to Syria

Thousands of Lebanese citizens are fleeing their homes to escape the violence between Hezbollah guerillas and Israel. Many have made it to Syria. Ben Gilbert reports on the impact it's having on that country.
Posted In: Canada

Trying to get aid into Lebanon

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice continues her diplomatic efforts in the Middle East today. Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon about the current situation in Lebanon.
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Disney buys its way into India

Disney said today it's buying Hungama TV, a kids entertainment cable channel in India. It might be a good move for Disney, Miranda Kennedy reports.
Posted In: Canada

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