Marketplace AM for July 12, 2006

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Money pollution

Those colorful new $10 and $20 dollar bills might be easy on the eye and tough on counterfeiters — but they're also tough on the environment. Nancy Mullane reports
Posted In: Science

Brits pulled into Enron net

Three British bankers are being extradited to the US for Enron-related crimes and the business community there is not happy about it. Host Scott Jagow asks European Correspondent Stephen Beard what the uproar is all about.
Posted In: Canada

No surprise, we still have a trade deficit

Trade figures for May show that the US imported $63 billion more in goods than it exported. That's the sixth-largest trade deficit in history, but it's just a sign of the times. Stacey Vanek-Smith explains.
Posted In: Economy

Halliburton's (exclusive) gig is up

Halliburton has been accused for years of bilking the US government with its exclusive contract. And now the Army has decided to end the deal and hand over those services to three companies. Hillary Wicai reports.
Posted In: Washington

Microsoft's big EU fine

Today the European Commission fined Microsoft more than $350 million for failing to comply with an anti-trust ruling. It's also threatened to charge the company additional multi-million dollar penalties. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada, Science

Google opening shop in Michigan

A big announcement from Google yesterday comes as welcome news to economically-depressed Michigan: The search engine will build a new facility in Ann Arbor. Steve Tripoli reports.

'Bank of Wal-Mart' debate continues

House lawmakers look to close a loophole that could allow Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other retailers to open commercial banks. A hearing on the issue is scheduled today. Hillary Wicai reports.

Canadian drug tug-of-war

The Senate has drafted a resolution making it easier for Americans to buy cheaper prescription drugs north of the border. But as Helen Palmer reports, those drugs aren't as attractive as they once were.
Posted In: Health

Glucosamine doubles as skin lightener

The supplement widely used to relieve joint pain has been found to effectively fade age spots as well. Helen Palmer reports on glucosamine's new market potential.
Posted In: Health

Genentech earnings surge

The nation's largest biotech company in terms of market capitalization blew past Wall Street expectations in its most recent earnings report. Rachel Dornhelm has more.
Posted In: Wall Street

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