Marketplace AM for July 10, 2006

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How does Buffett do it?

Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow look at the dizzying success Warren Buffett has had as an investor and why he's so tough to copy.
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Water sales soar in Gaza

An Israeli aid raid in the Gaza Strip two weeks ago seriously damaged a power station there. Irris Makler has the story of one Gaza water seller whose business is booming during the territory's prolonged power outage.
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Calderon victory contested

Conserative Felipe Calderon has been declared the winner of Mexico's presidential election, but this thing may not be over yet. Dan Grech reports from Mexico City.
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A cloud hanging over Italy's win?

Italy won its fourth World Cup yesterday in a dramatic penalty kick shootout against France. But the country's top soccer league faces a match-fixing disgrace at home. Host Scott Jagow talks to Megan Williams in Rome.
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Homeland Security funding on the table

The Senate today debates new Homeland Security funding proposals following House efforts to cut anti-terror grants to cities that don't hand over illegal immigrants to federal authorities. Hillary Wicai reports.

Southwest gives assigned seating a tryout

The low-cost airline is testing plans to retire its trademark opening seating policy with assigned boarding. Annie Baxter reports the change has larger implications for the airline industry.

More money luring Army recruits

Last year, the Army missed its recruiting goals so badly there was talk of reinstating the draft. But it's expected to announce today that this year is a different story — and money's doing some of the talking. Hillary Wicai reports.

Paulson comes aboard

Henry Paulson takes over as Treasury Secretary today. Amy Scott takes a look at his long to-do list.
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Camp Allen losing luster?

Top media moguls arrive in a Rocky Mountain resort town today for their annual weeklong confab. Lisa Napoli reports the influence of gathering is on the wane.

Critter contraptions

A cottage industry has sprung up around products designed to keep people and wildlife separate as suburbs encroach on wild places. Brian Bull reports.

Cultivating UK engineers

The man who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner says a dearth of engineers is putting the British economy at risk. James Dyson has unveiled plans for an engineering college in the UK. Stephen Beard reports.
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