Marketplace AM for January 7, 2005

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Palestinians to the polls

The first Palestinian presidential election in almost a decade will be held this weekend. While the United States, Israel and Europe hope that new Palestinian leadership will help revive the road map peace process, many Palestinians are going into the election with much more immediate aspirations, like: will they be able to continue supporting their families in the coming year? Nancy Updike has the story.

College coaches and mega-salaries

The NCAA meets today to talk about athletic program spending. Sports Commentator Diana Nyad says one of the major concerns is the huge salaries of college football coaches.

The largest aid effort

High-ranking international officials are touring regions hardest hit by the Indian Ocean tsunamis to see firsthand the devastation that has prompted one of the world's biggest relief efforts. For a breakdown of the global tsunami aid effort, Tess Vigeland talks with Nancy Birdsall, President of the Center for Global Development.

The Job Files: Relief Worker

It's time for another segment of The Job Files. This week, we meet relief Worker Matt Chico. This edition of the Job Files was produced by Alex McRae.

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