Marketplace AM for January 3, 2007

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No new tax breaks

Congress is expected to increase the minimum wage after Democrats take control this week. President Bush wants tax breaks for small businesses as a concession, but Robert Reich says that's just not necessary.
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War on brand-name drugs

One business group that has high hopes for the changing face of Washington in 2007 is the generic drug industry. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.
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Home Depot CEO is out

Your company underperforms, your stock tanks and you make millions? That's a recipe for some unhappy shareholders. The struggling home improvement retailer announced today that CEO Robert Nardelli has resigned. Dan Grech reports.
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Germans quit Quaero

The governments of France and Germany had been working to build a European alternative to Google — but Deutschland's new leadership is rethinking that plan.
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Job rush on the Hill

Lawmakers need staff and that means young and hungry Democratic job seekers are scrambling to get hired on the Hill as the new Congress moves in. Hillary Wicai has the story.
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An invitation for corporate America

As newly-elected officials prepare inaugural celebrations, some businesses see an opportunity to make a big donations with fewer restrictions and less public scrutiny. Jeff Tyler reports.

Staging the battle over taxes

Democrats have big plans for their reign over the 110th Congress, but President Bush has other ideas — and some of the Dems' big promises might conflict with one another. Hillary Wicai reports.
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But how do you like Vista now?

Microsoft sent $2,200 laptops to about 90 bloggers to review its new Vista operating system — only it didn't ask them to send 'em back. Janet Babin reports.
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Plastic semiconductors on the horizon

A British company has unveiled plans to build the world's first factory for making plastic semiconductors — technology that could cut circuitry prices up to 90 percent. Stephen Beard reports.
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Gold is in again

The price of gold has been going up thanks to private investors and up-and-coming world economies, and it could be poised to take off even higher. So what does that mean for the dollar?
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