Marketplace AM for January 25, 2007

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Sweetening the minimum wage bill

The Senate took a vote yesterday to send a clear signal: If Democrats want a minimum wage boost, they'll have to give a little sumpin'-sumpin' to small businesses. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Forget ethanol, raise the gas tax

Economics correspondent Chris Farrell says there's a better alternative to the Bush energy plan: Just raise the gas tax and let the market respond.

Pay your student loans or die tryin'

As recent college grad Patrick Johnson looks ahead at decades of student loan payments in his future, he wonders, don't we get a higher education to get ahead?

British Airways will ground all planes

The U.K. carrier has warned that it will cancel all its flights for two days next week if cabin crews carry out their threat to go on strike. Stephen Beard reports.
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Putting a stop to credit card trickery?

Consumer advocates say the credit card industry hides behind pages and pages of fine print to trick and trap consumers. Now a Senate committee is taking a closer look, Hillary Wicai reports.
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Debit overdraft fees hit record high

Researchers say banks used to reject debit and ATM overdrafts and they have the technology to warn you, but they're intentionally zapping debit-card customers because people are writing — and bouncing — fewer and fewer checks.
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Tech aims to take the dis out of abilities

Innovators are gathered this week for a unique technology conference. It focuses on customized gadgets for people with disabilities. Janet Babin has the story.
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Ford had the worst year ever

The automaker this morning reported a $12.7 billion loss for 2006 — its worst performance ever. And even if you figure in all those employee buyouts, Wall Street expected better.
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New disclosure rule for cancer research

In an attempt to prevent doctors involved in clinical cancer trials from leaking results to investment firms, one medical group has put a new policy in place. Janet Babin has details.
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Controlling Europe's airport fees

The E.U. has drawn up plans to curb fees at European airports. If passed, the new law would prevent "excessive increases" in the charges that airlines have to pay. Stephen Beard reports.
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