Marketplace AM for January 21, 2005

Episode Description 

Screenwriter support systems

Everyone knows writers can potentially make big money in the movie industry. But that financial incentive doesn't make it easier to write a good script. Let alone sell one. Now, a cottage industry has developed to support the struggling screenwriter. Marketplace's own Jeff Tyler put some of those services to use, as he tries to break into the business.

Doing Business - under fire

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon holds his cabinet meeting this Sunday in the small southern city of Sderot. That's significant because Sderot is right next to Gaza, which has been attacked repeatedly by the militant Islamic group hamas. In four years, rockets have caused millions of dollars in damage and occasionally, have killed people. Nancy Updike reports from Sderot on the difficulties of doing business, and living, under fire.

The Job Files: Weatherman

And now for the latest installment of the Job Files: this week, a man for all seasons. This installment was produced by Ashley Milne-Tyte.