Marketplace AM for January 20, 2005

Episode Description 

An expensive party

In Washington, this morning, thousands of uniformed officers are on duty and one hundred blocks of downtown D.C. are cordoned off. It's all part of today's inaugural festivities for President Bush. By all accounts, this will be the costliest and most secure inauguration ever. But who will get stuck with that security bill? Marketplace's Hillary Wicai has some answers.

Inaugural fashion

Who's she wearing? Who's she wearing? That's the question on every fashionista's lips today - and they're not talking about Julia Roberts or Hallie Berry. They're all waiting to see what Laura Bush wears to tonight's inaugural balls. We can tell you it's a grey-blue floor-length number from Oscar de la Renta. We turned to Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan for her take on what the inaugural means to the fashion industry...

Consumer savings

The government constantly urges us as Americans to save more money. But Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell thinks those pleas are a bit overrated. He joins host Kai Ryssdal to explain why.

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