Marketplace AM for January 2, 2006

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Boomer retirement options

Author Steven Silbiger discusses retirement options for Baby Boomers with host Scott Jagow.

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Author Dalma Heyn talks with host Lisa Napoli about changing relationships between women and men as women become increasingly financially independent.
Posted In: Economy

Weather modification

With more intense hurricane seasons forecast over the next several years, the Senate is considering funding research into taming nature's fury. Michael May reports.
Posted In: Science

Air war

2005 was a turning point in the on-going battle between Boeing and Airbus for control of the skies. Jason Paur has the score.

Entrepreneurs fret

The dawn of 2006 brought a fresh round of concerns for the nation's entrepreneurs. Bill Poorman has the details.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Gas mix price hikes

New regulations over gas formulations are likely to push prices at the pump back toward $3 a gallon. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.

BCS cash register

College football's BCS Championship series begins today, and as Ethan Lindsey reports, it's as much about money as it is about football.
Posted In: Sports

Hollywood comeback

Last year, the film industry suffered its worst box office take in 14 years. Brian Watt looks at what Hollywood needs to do to right the ship in 2006.

M&A outlook

Corporate mergers and acquisitions hit record highs in 2005. Rachel Dornhelm looks at where they're headed in 2006.
Posted In: Wall Street

Ukraine v. Russia

The Eastern European countries are in a standoff over the price Ukraine pays for Russian oil and whether Russia can continue to send its oil to Western Europe via a pipeline through Ukraine. Stephen Beard reports.

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