Marketplace AM for January 19, 2007

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Ali not the greatest endorser of all-time

Diana Nyad calls boxing great Muhammad Ali the "most underachieving endorser in the history of great sports heroes." He's teamed with Mars on a new line of healthy snacks, but past efforts haven't exactly been KOs.
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Battle of the aluminum bats

Lawmakers around the country are working to keep the ping of aluminum bats out of high school baseball games, saying they endanger young players, but a $240 million industry is fighting back. Amy Scott reports.
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CEOs worth every million

All those corporate scandals and years of relatively stagnant wages for the middle class and working poor have left a whole lot of folks angry over skyrocketing CEO pay. Edward Carr says it's just market forces at work.
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Ney gets 30 months in prison

Former Congressman Bob Ney was sentenced today for his role in the Abramoff bribery scandal. And if that's not deterrent enough for other lawmakers, the Senate passed far-reaching ethics and lobbying legislation last night.
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Reality TV show sparks international furor

An incident on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother reality show has caused a wave of political and economic repercussions stretching all the way to India. Stephen Beard has details.
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Running out of emergency cash

Congress is scrambling to save the emergency loan program that helps people hit by natural disasters before victims of recent Midwest ice storms and the California freeze are left out in the cold. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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BBC rethinks expansion plan

One of the world's best-known broadcasters has suffered a financial blow. The government-funded BBC has been awarded only half the budget increase it was hoping for. Stephen Beard reports.
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UK to set carbon trading standards

Carbon trading has become a hot market, but is it actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Britain has announced it will set strict new rules that should help ensure it will. Sam Eaton reports.
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Can blogs make science cool?

Some scientists and educators are using blogs as a tool to communicate their findings and research. They're hoping, among other things, to get people excited about science. Janet Babin reports.
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Job files: Corporate archivist

This week we go to the back of the closet at Levi Strauss, where Lynn Downey wears her job like a favorite pair of jeans.

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