Marketplace AM for January 13, 2005

Episode Description 

The new, evolving workplace

The workplace is changing. Government and corporate office space experts say the traditional office where we hang pictures, water plants and make ourselves a second home ... is disappearing. Marketplace's John Dimsdale gives us a glimpse of what the 21st century workplace will look like...

Winning kicks

Four NFL playoff games are scheduled to kick off this weekend. Whichever teams advance, the league will ultimately be the winner. During a record-setting regular season, the NFL scored more than $5 billion in revenue. Marketplace commentator David Carter says a lot of the credit goes to the league's business model.

Those emerging markets

A lot of folks are investing in so-called emerging markets these days. But just how smart of a move is it to put your hard-earned money into one of these developing countries? Host Kai Ryssdal gets Marketplace's money guru Chris Farrell to size things up.

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