Marketplace AM for January 12, 2005

Episode Description 

Methamphetamine wars

This year, about 20 states are looking at restricting the sales of cold medicines. Lawmakers are worried about the ingredient, pseudo-ephedrine. It can be used to make methamphetamine, a drug that's become a big problem, especially in rural states. But as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, drug stores aren't too keen on the restrictions. Also, People who make methamphetamines set up their labs in all kinds of places - including hotels. Our Saavy Traveler Rudy Maxa says this is nothing to be casual about.

Saving the children

Along the coast of Sri Lanka, schools have been wiped to a flat bed of rubble. Those that haven't been destroyed are being used as relief camps for the homeless. Children inside the relief camps may be at risk, as Miranda Kennedy reports from Batticaloa.

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