Marketplace AM for February 3, 2006

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Hey - where are all the flying cars?

So we're six years into the 21st Century. Shouldn't we all be tooling around in flying cars? Aries Keck takes a look at the state of this Jetsonian technology.

Race-based drugs

Reporter Heidi Pickman looks at the new practice of race-based drug marketing.
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The return of silicone breast implants

As the FDA moves forward with plans to approve the return of silicone breast implants, a new report out today contends the FDA is bowing to business over science. Scott Tong reports.
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Super Motown

The Motor City is hoping for a big payoff by hosting the Super Bowl this weekend. But as Ethan Lindsey reports, the take may not be as big as the NFL projects.
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Regulating particulate emissions

The EPA today hears from outside scientists about proposed rule changes to regulate air-borne particulate emissions. As Sam Eaton reports, the debate pits public health advocates against proponents of economic development.
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The Job Files: Football Referee

This installment of The Job Files goes out onto the gridiron with football referee George Grieger.
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Corporate bankruptcies

More companies are likely to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year than last. Tess Vigeland looks at why.

Taking the pineapple out of Hawaii

Del Monte will no longer grow Hawaii's signature fruit in the Aloha State, because it's too expensive. Alisa Roth has more on the end of an era.

Muslim protest devastates Danish food producer

The largest foodmaker in Denmark, Arla, says it is losing $2 million a day from a boycott in the Mideast over editorial cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper. Millions of Muslims are refusing to buy products from Denmark, including butter, milk and cheese made by Arla. From the European Desk in London, Stephen Beard reports.

Senate tax cut bill

Late yesterday, the Senate approved $70 billion worth of tax cuts over 5 years. That package still needs to be reconciled with the House version, and as Scott Tong reports, there's a fair amount of reconciling to do.
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