Marketplace AM for February 3, 2005

Episode Description 

What's with the mergers?

What's fueling all of the big corporate mergers we've been hearing about recently? Host Kai Ryssdal gets some answers from Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell and explores whether these big deals are really all they're cracked up to be.

Can responsible also be profitable

We hear a lot of talk about the need for businesses to be socially responsible. But is it profitable? Reporter Ashley Milne-Tyte examines some of the latest research. Then, the Economist's Clive Crook explains why you should be wary when you hear businesses boast about the good things they've done for society.

Do we work and consume too much...

America's free-market system of capitalism offers us with a wealth of riches, but some argue it also locks us into a world of overwork and over-consumption. UCLA researcher Peter Whybrow's new book, American Mania, explores the topic. He talks to host Lisa Napoli about what he discovered.

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